The mobile company for M2M and IoT communication

We supply SIM cards, data packets and support systems to devices, sensors and sensors that will communicate via the mobile network to send information.

We deliver data packages from 5 MB permonth up to 100 GIG per month.



Experience IoT with us!

IOT VALUE AS delivers IoT and M2M communications throughout Europe based on Jasper Cisco’s platform, we facilitate a comprehensive portfolio of high performance IoT hardware, connectivity services and software solutions.

We stand for innovation, industry experience, industrial insight and are eager to deliver the best solutions to digitize your business in a cost-effective way.

Our global partnership is leading the way in digitalisation:
We have an international partner network, which ensures the best technical solutions at all times.

For us, all customers, regardless of size, are equally valuable and we work every day to offer our customers the best services at the best possible price.

Industrial SIM

in all sizes

Multiple networks

Min. two per country

Low Monthly Cost


in all markets

Same Pricing

Same for Europe/EEA


Internet of Things (IoT)

Digitization is becoming increasingly important for streamlining businesses. Manual procedures for collecting data are time and costly and do not always provide the necessary information in time to make a quick and qualified decision.

Savings or increased earnings? The key to both lies in quick access to current information about the business in real time!


Digitization of manual processes can free healthcare professionals to more human contact


Better control of the company's vehicles provides savings and more efficient operation

Municipal sector

Municipalities can monitor many functions digitally and save large resources

Asset tracking

Asset tracking gives you an overview of everything from machines, cars, people or equipment


Water and electrical facilitties can install smart meters at their customers to track deliveries in real time

Smart cities

Controlling everything from road lighting, traffic lights, monitoring and parking are some of the future solutions for cities. The functions are made available to operators via IoT


In agriculture, there are many functions that can be digitized, ranging from tracking animals and means of production to automated measurement of levels in tanks, temperatures, feeding or access control

Smart buildings

The buildings of the future will itself report the status of a number of incidents via the web. Everything from energy consumption, access control, water damage or smoke, can be functions you want an overview of in real time


Our partners deliver top quality online services so that the sensors are always online and can report status. Due to large purchases of data traffic, we can offer very good prices also to small and medium-sized customers

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